About Erin...

Erin is not just a filmmaker, he is someone who is truly interested in the moving image and the power of that image to move the audience.

He was first interested in still photography; however, he believes that the images produced are far too static and cannot elicit the type of emotions from the audience that moving images, found in motion pictures, are able.

Erin Wiedner

Erin is a Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer and filmmaker who currently resides in San Diego, California.

For more information about Erin you may read his Biography.

If you have a professional interest in Erin his entertainment resume is available and can be found on this page.

Erin is always searching for creative, intelligent people to work with; if you are a producer, writer or crew person who is interested in collaborating you may Contact Erin, he will get back to you at his earliest opportunity.

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