Current Projects

Barfly La Jolla & Aroma La Jolla Commercials
Director: Erin Wiedner
Cinematography by: Erin Wiedner
Editor: Brendon Keeley
Production Company: San Diego Studios
Status: Production

Erin is currently in production of another commercial for BarFly La Jolla. He is also working on a commercial for their sister pastry shop, Aroma La Jolla.

"Black & Gold"
Artist: Prince Deekon
Director: Erin Wiedner
Cinematography by: Erin Wiedner & Raymond Tucker
Status: Pre-production

Erin has just been hired to direct the music video for the song "Black and Gold," the newest single from Pittsburgh rap artist Prince Deekon's album "The God of Art."

Stress Relief
Director: Galen Thorne
Written by: Galen Thorne
Cinematography by: Erin Wiedner
Status: Post-production

Erin has recently finished shooting a short film which is presently in post-production. It was written by Galen Thorne and is the story of one man's struggle with his daily life, which culminates in his attempt to break out of his comfort zone and live again.

The Layers of Life
Director: Erin Wiedner
Written by: Kurston Carter
Status: Pre-production

Erin is currently Directing a feature film which is presently in pre-production. It was written by Kurston Carter and follows the story of a pair of twins. It is a feature length narrative project, which Erin is quite excited about. The production is currently doing a second round of casting and should be shooting in late September.

Untitled Television Project
Director: Erin Wiedner:
Written by: Laura Reindel & Erin Wiedner
Status: Development

Erin is also in development, with screenwriter Laura Reindel, of a television dramedy aimed at the higher cable channels audience. The project is currently in the early stages of development, but will be narrative based and will be based in San Diego.

Four Females, One Guy, Lets Talk About It!
Director: Erin Wiedner
Written by: Kurston Carter
Status: Pre-production

Erin, once again working with Kurston Carter, is in development of a psuedo-reality show aimed at the younger audiences. The project is currently in its middle stages and preproduction is currently on hold, as time is being spent on "The Layers of Life."

Various Other Projects
Erin is also currently in development of several other story ideas and is working on multiple scripts. There are no in place time lines for these projects.

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